Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Cleveland Wedding DJ "Keeping it Fresh"!

Let's talk about our favorite subject "Wedding Entertainment". In the beginning Troy Entertainment looked at the Cleveland wedding DJ entertainment market and seen what was being addressed and assessed what needed to change. For example the market had very few interactive or entertaining DJ entertainment options and those that were focused on themselves and not the guests of honor (bride and groom) and their guests. To this day when asked "what is most important to you about your wedding" the prevailing response is "I want my guests to have fun".  This is why we became the first and continue to utilize the idea of using the audience as the "stars of the show".  Rather than having everyone focus on us, we cast the focus to an active dance floor.

The thing that we enjoy most about weddings is that the guest list is usually comprised of a diverse mix of people.  Everyone from the bride and grooms friends and family to neighbors and co-workers. There is commonly a wide range on ages present and people from near and far attend this once in a lifetime event. The premise that is usually implied is that a DJ will "read the crowd" when in actuality that is not very likely since nobody can read minds. For sensible results we make ourselves more approachable. What appears to be as subtle as a natural friendly presence is highly effective in connecting with the audience.  It's that charismatic way of presenting yourself to the guests that conveys comradery. Enthusiasm is contagious.

The other thing that is so grand about providing wedding DJ entertainment is that it is in a continues state of change that is in sync with trends in music and fashion. Let's discuss trends.  We have seen so many fads come and go. Group participation dance fads like the Electric Slide, Macarena, , Soulja Boy, the Doggie, Cha-Cha Slide, and the Cupid Shuffle. The latest being the Harlem Shake . The ability for a wedding DJ company to spot new trends and keep the package fresh is highly important. This doesn't mean that keeping it fresh would exclude music that stands "the test of time". Even music of the older generation has seen a rebirth in popularity. Wedding DJ's have seen the rebirth of the "Big 80's", or what about a few years ago when "Swing" was in again. Specific songs become replays like "Don't Stop Believing"  and "Living on a Prayer". A good DJ with talent will also know when a music trend or popularity has fallen which usually occurs if and when it is overplayed or it has simply run it's course. Yet some music becomes what we refer to as "musical staples" and has achieved longevity.

This brings us to today's bride and what her wants and needs are. If you are Cleveland area bride planning for that big day the key to a successful wedding reception is to select entertainment that is fresh with what the current trends and even traditions are, a company that is right for your event and your diverse guest list. Cleveland Wedding DJ's can only be judged by what they have done.  A proven track record and what their recent clients say about their experiences with that DJ company. We'd like you to consider us for your reception as we would be honored to combine our talents, experience and "fresh" approach with your preferences to reach our common goal of "everyone having fun".

To see and hear our recent weddings events you can follow this link: Weddings and Client Interviews. If you would like us to personally reach out and connect with you we'd love to do so. Tell us about your event here: Let's Chat!

Below is a picture from way back in time to our exciting beginnings.  Boy have things changed! but it sure was fun :)


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