Monday, February 18, 2013

Preparedness - Are they Ready?

This weeks Cleveland wedding DJ blog post for Troy Entertainment is an observation recently made while we were on vacation. Kimberley and I were on a cruise vacation aboard the Royal Caribbean's Alure of the Seas the week of February 3rd through the 10th. Yes, that is Superbowl XLVII Sunday and if your up on current events it is also the week that the Carnival Triumph left passengers stranded for 5 days with little in the way of the vacation they dreamed of and expected.

First, if you can imagine the enormous pressure in producing an event such as the Superbowl. Housing an event of 71,024 attendees and broadcasting to over 111 million viewers globally with a 20 minute halftime show that is rolled onto and off the playing field within minutes!  Shortly after the Superbowl Halftime performance of Beyonce the lights go out! was there panic, bedlam, a riot? No, the announcers equipped with earpieces where most likely informed of a situation and were instructed to stretch it out, talk through the happens of the first half, and roll to commercials, etc. while people behind the scenes worked the problem. Did they instantly know where to look and how long it would take? Probably not., but they had expert people with loads of experience on how isolate the problem, talent that can improvise to buy them time, and a contingency plan. Later they found that the issue was the "backup" power system that is used in case of power outages, lol. Neither the less, they remained calm and the show went on. How does this relate to Brides and Grooms on their wedding day? This is what "professionals" do at live events! You can plan for everything to run smooth, however you want to make sure you have the right people with talent and experience just in case the unexpected were to happen.

Later that week while we were enjoying our cruise we caught news coverage on CNN about the Carnival Triumph having a engine fire causing the ship lose electricity, air conditioning, and plumbing. If you could imagine these passengers boarding the ship expecting the times of their lives. eating, drinking, site seeing, dancing, and entertainment only to be left stranded out in the middle of the sea with little in the way of the basic accommodations  Yet, when it was all over one the thing that prevailed according to interviews with passengers aboard the ship during the ordeal was that the "Staff" of the cruise line kept people calm, remained pleasant and helped in any way they could to make good out of a terrible situation. This again is something "well trained" individuals do in the event of an unexpected situation. They remained calm,  worked at keeping the guests comfrtable, and kept upbeat while the other professionals on staff worked the problem.

If we learn anything relative from this it could be that when expectations are high and since the unexpected can happen it may be worth the "peace of mind" that comes with hiring professionals with proven "talent and experience" to handle your "once in a lifetime" event.

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