Monday, August 27, 2018

Hot Wedding Trends For Your Cleveland Wedding in 2019!

We've been extremely busy all year not only producing and performing weddings in 2018 but helping couples plan their 2019-2020 receptions. Surprisingly, some trends are re-emerging or still popular while others have run their course and new ideas have surfaced! Here's what we find most couples are levitating towards for their soiree. These are the top lucky number 7. Want to learn more? Make an appointment to visit our new showroom. We are here to help :)

1. Shades of Purple
This is something that's been popular in lighting for quite some time. The most requested colors are purple, champagne, and blush pink. What we are seeing is floral designs using purples from violet to periwinkle.

2.  Greener Tablescapes
The idea of adding foliage to a floral centerpiece has now been replaced with lots of greenery  replacing the flowers. Green foliage predominates!

3. Tech Savvy
Making your event unique by hiring entertainment that can provide the latest technologies in event production and entertainment is a must. Couple are wanting to make their event different or at the very least up to date. Why have just a photo booth when you can have a Mirror Photo Experience or the one of a kind, Robo-Photo Experience (Robotic Photo Booth! Have your DJ spinning on a large (witness the mix) Touch Screen that even displays music videos! Popular for 2019-2020 is our Instagram Feed Slideshow with your very own personal # hashtag. see whats new in event enhancements.

4.  Drones
look up in the air. It's a bird, it's a plane, no it's a drone taking a birds eye view of ceremonies and outdoor formalities and events. This has been around for a couple of years but has increased for 2019 capturing a different perspective as the wedding day unfolds. The technology of drone video has gotten better and the resulting videos are clear and steady.

5.  Unplugged Ceremonies
Sign have been posted. In the effort to have a uninterrupted lifetime moment couples are subtly asking guests to power down.  A ringtone or a flash from a smart phone at a lifetime moment is not something you want to be guilty of. So let's switch off or mute until the ceremony is over.

6. Video Mapping
Video Mapping will become more accessible to couples in 2019. We we the first to provide this service and now with the advances of software we can create more exciting mapping presentations. Having a wedding cake with stars cascading down the layers or perhaps full motion background of scenery fitted to a wall or object. Google "video mapping weddings" to see what it is and has what it has become. It's a popular add-on to wow your guests for 2019-2020 receptions.

7. Food Stations
One trend that we have seen getting more popular is the opting for "food stations" rather than a formal sit down meal. As wedding become more about the party and less about formality we see more of this style emerging as well as late nite snack stations prior to the end of the wedding reception. Smaller gourmet plates with more choices for dinner time and everything from tacos, pizza, of breakfast an hour before the last song.
Ask you caterer for ideas.


Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Cleveland Wedding DJ Entertainment 2017 Wrap Up

As we grow closer to the end of 2017 we reflect on the Cleveland wedding and corporate clients and vendors that make our continued success possible. Troy Entertainment has grown exponentially each year and 2017 will be recorded as being our best year ever.

Beginning in 2017 we opened our NEW SHOWROOM location at 17518 Pearl Road, Strongsville Ohio. This location provides couple a place to SEE all the latest options and add-on entertainment, decor lighting, acoustical support, personalized monograms, multimedia and photo booth options.

Troy Entertainment ShowroomTroy Entertainment Touchscreen DJ Control SurfaceTroy Entertainment Mirror Photo Booth

As the wedding season got on it's way we added many new vendor partners to our growing list of preferred caterers and venues:

We would like to thank our clients who entrusted us with one of the most important elements of their wedding day or special event, the entertainment! There are many new photo and video recaps of our events posted on our  Troy Entertainment Facebook Page.

As many people start to plan their 2018 and even 2019 weddings and events they look upon us to find what's new or over the horizon. Here are some of the noted trends in next years weddings:

13 Wedding Trends to Watch for in 2018

2018 Wedding Trends Straight from the Experts

In closing we again thank our clients, vendors, and especially you. For with out the love and support we couldn't continue to do what we love.

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Sound Advice: Cleveland Courthouse and City Hall

It has been about 10 years since the professional sound and entertainment specialists of Troy Entertainment had first arrived on the scene producing weddings at Cleveland Court House and Cleveland City Hall.  Since then there have been some interesting articles written about the so called "Truth" about sound at these venues. So as a service to those who love the ambiance of these majestic structures lets start by dispelling misleading information about sound correction and acoustical challenges.

When researching previous articles on the acoustical challenges of the Cleveland Courthouse and Cleveland City Hall you will find an earlier article suggesting the use of a "Bose Sound System". This is a common name brand that consumers know, so if it sounds good in my living room, why not?  The theory behind the Bose approach to sound distribution is simply this. Bose had taken the conventional approach to sound distribution, which is having a speaker projecting the sound pattern direction forward, and placed it upwards so as to disperse the sound pattern evenly across the sound field. That's it, simple and nice in your living room while watching a movie, right? The fact is at Cleveland Courthouse and Cleveland City Hall your challenge is not distributing sound. In fact, if you push sound in this method it ECHOES MORE!

Then later the "Truth" article was suddenly changed to suggest the acoustical challenge must be met by using a Bi-Amplifying speaker systems. This method stated that by having a separate mid and high frequency cabinet placed on a pole at 6 foot high will project sound across the room thus everything will be heard clearer. Any sound reinforcement professional will tell you that throwing sound further or raising the volume will bounce sound off the walls and ceiling in a endless loop creating a muddy sound or worse.

Troy Entertainment produces weddings at Cleveland Courthouse and Cleveland City Hall almost on a weekly bases for over a decade. Their highly trained sound, lighting, and music programming staff are there to help you to a successful event. In fact, the owners and sales staff managers at A Taste of Excellence Catering have used Troy Entertainment for their own family weddings at these venues. Not because we have a magic fix for the acoustical challenges of these beautiful venues. They just know a few more things then the average DJ about sound AND equally important "can pack your dance floor".

As you do your research for your Cleveland Courthouse or Cleveland City Hall wedding you'll notice DJ's that claim to have successful events at these venues do not show you videos of the actual weddings. At best, you may see a video with the sound either replaced or added into the video directly from the mixer as to fool you into believing this is how it sounded. Troy Entertainment has done more events in these venues and has more videos online from weddings at these venues than any DJ company in Cleveland. They can also provide you with "video interviews and testimonials with brides and grooms AT their Cleveland Courthouse and Cleveland City Hall Weddings"! 

Troy Entertainment offers the best in decor lighting options for these venues as well. Uplighting that is battery operated so that we are not limited to where we can place fixtures and eliminate trip hazards and unsightly cords. Unlimited color options and the ability to project higher on the pillars and arches. Your ceiling can be washed in beautiful color to match you wedding color scheme. Don't be lured by free lighting, no one can match the quality of decor lighting fixtures Troy Entertainment licensed lighting technicians provide.

Ask to see the beautiful sharp custom monograms projections for the dance floor. There is no one else that uses their method of monogram projection.

See videos from Cleveland Courthouse and Cleveland City Hall over the years. There are 100's of examples of pictures and videos available for review online and at the new TROY ENTERTAINMENT SHOWROOM. Connect with Troy Entertainment today and see and hear the difference.

- Independent Cleveland Sound, Lighting, and Entertainment Professional 

Monday, January 30, 2017

Help I'm Getting Married!

OK, you found that perfect someone to share love and life with. they proposed, you accepted, and up until now everything has been pretty much stress free. In fact the idea of planning for the big day sounds like fun, as it should be. Now comes the time to choose the who, what, where, and when. Shall I have a sophisticated soirĂ©e or opt for a much simpler affair? Sounds easy so far, I'll just Google my way to wedding day bliss :)

Now, are you sitting down?  Good.  here is where it get's interesting.  Most of the decisions couples make will be of things that they can actually hold in their hands. They have a brand, size or color. But what about the entertainment?  Can't I just point and click my way to party hosting success? The answer is yes and unfortunately no.  What the web can do is make you aware of local choices.  What often happens is we ask for more information in email.  And why not, it seems less intrusive. However websites and email are a cold media. No personality, no charisma... you know the warm and fuzzy. To add to the confusion DJ's all start sounding alike. It's just not enough to make an informed decision as important as the heartbeat of reception. The music and entertainment.

Here is how we start on the right path to wedding reception happiness. When we meet with you to see what your reception vision is there is something very important in it for you.  Let me explain. Have you ever met someone you just clicked with? You should know within the first few minutes if this is gonna work or not. It's a very good indicator of how good they are at first impressions, which is what the situation is going to be with the DJ and your guests at the wedding reception. After exchanging ideas during this informal chat you'll walk away knowing if you have found a match! And if not, nothing is really lost except for a whole lot of wedding day stress.

We not only love music and parties,  we love to talk about them too! I'll follow up soon with more tips on successful reception planning. If you have any immediate questions about finding what's right for you, we are here to help, call us anytime... Let us entertain you!

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Cleveland's Fall Wedding Recap

Once again fall is upon us here in the Cleveland wedding scene and our DJ staff has been extremely busy making our couples events pop. It's been a busy fun summer but September and October are the most popular times to have wedding reception in Cleveland. Some of the most notable weddings Troy Entertainment DJ's performed at this summer were at our most frequent venues like Cleveland Courthouse & Cleveland City Hall Rotunda. However, we also had great weddings this fall at places that we haven't been to in a long time. Place like Springvale Golf Course & Ballroom for Katie & Tom' Wedding Reception, The 100th Bomb Group for Haley & Steve Wedding Reception, and The Silver Grille at the Ritz Carlton with Jen & Greg Ceremony and Wedding Reception. Here are some of the videos our DJ staff shot impromptu from our smart phones during the wedding receptions. We never claim to be good photographers or filmmakers so excuse the quality. But grab some popcorn and enjoy!

Katie & Tom's Reception at Springvale Ballroom:

Haley & Steve's Reception at 100th Bomb Group:

Jen & Greg's Ceremony & Reception at The Ritz Carlton Silver Grille:

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Cleveland Wedding DJ Mixes Formality With Fun

Being asked to DJ some elaborate Cleveland weddings has been the norm for the last several years. but every once in awhile we come across a couple that wants their wedding reception to be both formal and fun. Such is the case with Maria and Justin at The Cleveland Akron Hilton in Fairlawn. We were excited to work with Wedding Coordinator and friend Eileen Benson, Photographer Carrie Nelson and the wonderful staff at The Hilton Akron Fairlawn

A well planned wedding reception starts with decor. The right lighting and decor, floral, and even furniture can transform the well laid out room into a masterpiece. You'll want to complement your well appointed and decorated ballroom with excellent catering and service.

However, after they ooh and awwh over the centerpieces and enjoy a great meal, it's all about the fun you can create. Everyone's idea of fun is different, but a talented and experienced disc jockey can get the maximum out of your guests, keep the event flowing, and the dance floor packed.

Take a look and the pictures of this beautiful wedding and the fun video of this party. This was the perfect mix of formality and fun for this couple and their guests, Don't take our word for it, we'll provide you with contact information for them and any of our recent clients.

We want to thank Maria and Justin for making us part of their big day. We hope to see them on a dance floor somewhere again soon!

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Sarah & Greg's Reception at the Cleveland Hyatt Arcade on July 30th, 2016 with Cleveland DJ Troy Entertainment

We met Sarah, Greg, and Sarah's mom Toni at another wedding we provided DJ entertainment and event production for at the Cleveland Courthouse.  They wanted to work with someone who has experience with challenging acoustics and that can make the party happen.  After several conversations and months of planning we delivered a formal yet fun reception  These two families know how to party it up. Working with The Hyatt Arcade Hotel staff and Photographer Lindsey Beckwith  was a pleasure beyond words.