Thursday, June 4, 2009

Welcome to the Troy Entertainment Blog

This is the start of something fresh and new for myself and Troy Entertainment. In the near future I will be adding articles that will reflect my ideas and opinion on subjects related to event production, music, and entertainment.  I hope to use my knowledge of many years of practical experience producing, staffing, and entertaining for thousands throughout Northeast Ohio to shed some light on how successful events are created.

As in many learning and growing situations, this is a two way street. Comments or feedback is welcome, as I hope to not only help those who are first timers at throwing a party or planning an event, but continue to learn from you.

Remember, when we close our minds to others we begin to fool ourselves into believing we have a hand on the pulse of what people want.  When stagging a social events or a "party" you take on the "responsibility of the entertainment welfare" of your guests.  And a good host always thinks of their guests.  You may walk away from this experience learning something you may not even thought to consider about entertainment and I will continue to learn with your input.  That being the case I welcome not only your readership but your participation in the Troy Entertainment blog.

- Pete Troy

Prefered Venue Partners