Monday, January 30, 2017

Help I'm Getting Married!

OK, you found that perfect someone to share love and life with. they proposed, you accepted, and up until now everything has been pretty much stress free. In fact the idea of planning for the big day sounds like fun, as it should be. Now comes the time to choose the who, what, where, and when. Shall I have a sophisticated soirĂ©e or opt for a much simpler affair? Sounds easy so far, I'll just Google my way to wedding day bliss :)

Now, are you sitting down?  Good.  here is where it get's interesting.  Most of the decisions couples make will be of things that they can actually hold in their hands. They have a brand, size or color. But what about the entertainment?  Can't I just point and click my way to party hosting success? The answer is yes and unfortunately no.  What the web can do is make you aware of local choices.  What often happens is we ask for more information in email.  And why not, it seems less intrusive. However websites and email are a cold media. No personality, no charisma... you know the warm and fuzzy. To add to the confusion DJ's all start sounding alike. It's just not enough to make an informed decision as important as the heartbeat of reception. The music and entertainment.

Here is how we start on the right path to wedding reception happiness. When we meet with you to see what your reception vision is there is something very important in it for you.  Let me explain. Have you ever met someone you just clicked with? You should know within the first few minutes if this is gonna work or not. It's a very good indicator of how good they are at first impressions, which is what the situation is going to be with the DJ and your guests at the wedding reception. After exchanging ideas during this informal chat you'll walk away knowing if you have found a match! And if not, nothing is really lost except for a whole lot of wedding day stress.

We not only love music and parties,  we love to talk about them too! I'll follow up soon with more tips on successful reception planning. If you have any immediate questions about finding what's right for you, we are here to help, call us anytime... Let us entertain you!