Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Sound Advice: Cleveland Courthouse and City Hall

It has been about 10 years since the professional sound and entertainment specialists of Troy Entertainment had first arrived on the scene producing weddings at Cleveland Court House and Cleveland City Hall.  Since then there have been some interesting articles written about the so called "Truth" about sound at these venues. So as a service to those who love the ambiance of these majestic structures lets start by dispelling misleading information about sound correction and acoustical challenges.

When researching previous articles on the acoustical challenges of the Cleveland Courthouse and Cleveland City Hall you will find an earlier article suggesting the use of a "Bose Sound System". This is a common name brand that consumers know, so if it sounds good in my living room, why not?  The theory behind the Bose approach to sound distribution is simply this. Bose had taken the conventional approach to sound distribution, which is having a speaker projecting the sound pattern direction forward, and placed it upwards so as to disperse the sound pattern evenly across the sound field. That's it, simple and nice in your living room while watching a movie, right? The fact is at Cleveland Courthouse and Cleveland City Hall your challenge is not distributing sound. In fact, if you push sound in this method it ECHOES MORE!

Then later the "Truth" article was suddenly changed to suggest the acoustical challenge must be met by using a Bi-Amplifying speaker systems. This method stated that by having a separate mid and high frequency cabinet placed on a pole at 6 foot high will project sound across the room thus everything will be heard clearer. Any sound reinforcement professional will tell you that throwing sound further or raising the volume will bounce sound off the walls and ceiling in a endless loop creating a muddy sound or worse.

Troy Entertainment produces weddings at Cleveland Courthouse and Cleveland City Hall almost on a weekly bases for over a decade. Their highly trained sound, lighting, and music programming staff are there to help you to a successful event. In fact, the owners and sales staff managers at A Taste of Excellence Catering have used Troy Entertainment for their own family weddings at these venues. Not because we have a magic fix for the acoustical challenges of these beautiful venues. They just know a few more things then the average DJ about sound AND equally important "can pack your dance floor".

As you do your research for your Cleveland Courthouse or Cleveland City Hall wedding you'll notice DJ's that claim to have successful events at these venues do not show you videos of the actual weddings. At best, you may see a video with the sound either replaced or added into the video directly from the mixer as to fool you into believing this is how it sounded. Troy Entertainment has done more events in these venues and has more videos online from weddings at these venues than any DJ company in Cleveland. They can also provide you with "video interviews and testimonials with brides and grooms AT their Cleveland Courthouse and Cleveland City Hall Weddings"! 

Troy Entertainment offers the best in decor lighting options for these venues as well. Uplighting that is battery operated so that we are not limited to where we can place fixtures and eliminate trip hazards and unsightly cords. Unlimited color options and the ability to project higher on the pillars and arches. Your ceiling can be washed in beautiful color to match you wedding color scheme. Don't be lured by free lighting, no one can match the quality of decor lighting fixtures Troy Entertainment licensed lighting technicians provide.

Ask to see the beautiful sharp custom monograms projections for the dance floor. There is no one else that uses their method of monogram projection.

See videos from Cleveland Courthouse and Cleveland City Hall over the years. There are 100's of examples of pictures and videos available for review online and at the new TROY ENTERTAINMENT SHOWROOM. Connect with Troy Entertainment today and see and hear the difference.

- Independent Cleveland Sound, Lighting, and Entertainment Professional