Monday, August 27, 2018

Hot Wedding Trends For Your Cleveland Wedding in 2019!

We've been extremely busy all year not only producing and performing weddings in 2018 but helping couples plan their 2019-2020 receptions. Surprisingly, some trends are re-emerging or still popular while others have run their course and new ideas have surfaced! Here's what we find most couples are levitating towards for their soiree. These are the top lucky number 7. Want to learn more? Make an appointment to visit our new showroom. We are here to help :)

1. Shades of Purple
This is something that's been popular in lighting for quite some time. The most requested colors are purple, champagne, and blush pink. What we are seeing is floral designs using purples from violet to periwinkle.

2.  Greener Tablescapes
The idea of adding foliage to a floral centerpiece has now been replaced with lots of greenery  replacing the flowers. Green foliage predominates!

3. Tech Savvy
Making your event unique by hiring entertainment that can provide the latest technologies in event production and entertainment is a must. Couple are wanting to make their event different or at the very least up to date. Why have just a photo booth when you can have a Mirror Photo Experience or the one of a kind, Robo-Photo Experience (Robotic Photo Booth! Have your DJ spinning on a large (witness the mix) Touch Screen that even displays music videos! Popular for 2019-2020 is our Instagram Feed Slideshow with your very own personal # hashtag. see whats new in event enhancements.

4.  Drones
look up in the air. It's a bird, it's a plane, no it's a drone taking a birds eye view of ceremonies and outdoor formalities and events. This has been around for a couple of years but has increased for 2019 capturing a different perspective as the wedding day unfolds. The technology of drone video has gotten better and the resulting videos are clear and steady.

5.  Unplugged Ceremonies
Sign have been posted. In the effort to have a uninterrupted lifetime moment couples are subtly asking guests to power down.  A ringtone or a flash from a smart phone at a lifetime moment is not something you want to be guilty of. So let's switch off or mute until the ceremony is over.

6. Video Mapping
Video Mapping will become more accessible to couples in 2019. We we the first to provide this service and now with the advances of software we can create more exciting mapping presentations. Having a wedding cake with stars cascading down the layers or perhaps full motion background of scenery fitted to a wall or object. Google "video mapping weddings" to see what it is and has what it has become. It's a popular add-on to wow your guests for 2019-2020 receptions.

7. Food Stations
One trend that we have seen getting more popular is the opting for "food stations" rather than a formal sit down meal. As wedding become more about the party and less about formality we see more of this style emerging as well as late nite snack stations prior to the end of the wedding reception. Smaller gourmet plates with more choices for dinner time and everything from tacos, pizza, of breakfast an hour before the last song.
Ask you caterer for ideas.