Thursday, October 24, 2013

Cleveland Wedding DJ Review: Galleria Wedding

Often when we meet with brides and grooms they have a vision. A desire to create the event of their dreams. Being entrusted with a lifetime event such as a wedding is a big responsibility. It's all about going the extra mile to make it happen. And in the end the rewards are awesome. Just read this comment from a recent wedding at The Galleria at Erieview in Cleveland.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Cleveland Brides See The Light

By now you have been to numerous Cleveland weddings that have had uplighting or other decor lighting effects. Most of which were provided by the DJ and in some cases a lighting company or wedding reception site. What you may not be aware of are the different types and specifications of fixtures necessary to provide the visually stunning look many brides and grooms seek. The Cleveland Wedding DJ's at Troy Entertainment would like to shed some light on what we have found to be the differences in just having free or cheap uplighting, and having the right lighting plan.

Some event lighting providers still use incandescent lighting fixtures to colorize the walls, tables, and ceilings at events. This is mainly because it would take a rather large reinvestment into LED based fixtures. Also at the time of the introduction of the new LED alternative the technology wasn't fully developed thus the brightness just wasn't there yet.  On the other hand LED fixtures require less power consumption and literally no heat compared to their incandescent counterparts. When planning "lightscaping" of a room one would have to keep in mind the fixtures may be sharing the same power circuit as the entertainment, coolers, or coffee machines.  Otherwise you could end up in the dark! Most par fixtures used a client specified color gel overlay that after hours of use and heat would undoubtedly "fade to clear" before the end of the evening.

The first generation of LED lights weren't without problems of their own. Most common were fixtures using multiple .1 millimeter diodes arranged in a pattern of RGB (Red, Green, Blue) rows. mixing the 3 colors and at different intensities gave various shades of complementary colors. This was a somewhat limited palate but acceptable at the time considering the alternative choices. These fixtures also gave off a color "bleed" effect and color "hot spots" on the targeted wall, ceiling, or floor. Color mixing wasn't all that good.

Now comes the good news. Todays newest fixtures use what is called a multi-colored diode that mixes the color behind the lens of a multi-lens fixture. They are now battery operated fixtures that can be driven for several hours before needing recharging so there is no unsightly or trip hazardous cording necessary. Quad color fixtures use RGBWA (Red, Green, Blue, White, and Amber) diodes behind the lens to extend your choices in colors! Add to that is the ability to control the fixtures (wireless DMX) without any cables interconnecting them to each other. This can be done by the DJ from their sound counsel.

Troy Entertainment can provide your with the latest lightscaping technologies available today. We have battery operated fixtures that can run for 20 hours before needing a recharge. They have powerful 5 watt multicolor RGBWA lenses, 12 to a fixture to provide an incredible amount of light that is totally wirelessly controllable.

We also use the best technology available for your personalized monogram gobo needs. In this case the older technology used for monograms is still better than the new LED choices. But the later is currently being used because it is simply cheaper to provide. We use Martin PR1 and ETC Source Four gobo projectors because their brightness and sharpness can't be beat.

To learn more about the amazing lighting options available for your Cleveland wedding reception please feel free to either comment below or simply give us a call at 440.238.9480 today. We promise you a brighter experience awaits :)

Cleveland Wedding DJ Lighting at The Galleria