Sunday, March 10, 2013

Top 5 Wedding Trends for 2013

Cleveland DJ & event production experts at Troy Entertainment point out top wedding trends for 2013.

Mint will be the Top Color for 2013

Mint was huge on the runway and will be the popular color incorporated into 2013 weddings.  Mint is refreshing, soft and adaptable into many elements of your 2013 wedding. From bridesmaids dresses, jewelry, shoes, wedding cake, centerpieces…use your imagination the ideas are endless! Many of those items incorporating the popular color can be found at Catan Bridal.

Feather Centerpieces

New for 2013 is the unique wedding trend of using peacock and ostrich feathers to decorate guest tables.  These feathers come in various shades so you can decorate your centerpieces in your favorite wedding color. Combine flowers with feathers or opt for a feather-only look.  We suggest you look at Socially Artistic Events to explore the possibilities in floral, feather and other new trendy design ideas.

Wedding Photo Booths

While photo booths have been the trend for a year or two, the new trend for 2013 wedding reception planning is to have a more upscale elegantly presented wedding photo booth.  The photo booth has evolved from the mall style or homemade ones first offered to one that matches the upscale glamorous wedding brides are planning.   The new trend in 2013 weddings is the “Wedding White Photo Booth” which features an eye pleasing white booth with beautiful white curtains that compliment the décor of the occasion.

Décor Uplighting

In 2013 wedding planning is all about simplicity and glamour while being cost effective! Décor Uplighting takes the plain and ordinary look and feel of the otherwise unembellished wedding reception space and transforms it to the beautiful hues and tones you prefer for your soirée. Use the accenting colors of your table linens, centerpieces, napkins and chair covers or even opt for the elegance and formal sophistication of white. The choices are all yours!  Uplighting can make this dramatic improvement at the fraction of the cost of other décor enhancing options.  Your DJ entertainment company is probably the best choice to provide you with décor uplighting by excluding delivery and removal fees common with outside lighting companies.  You can explore the possibilities at this link to Décor Uplighting.

Night Bites

One of the most popular trends of 2013 wedding receptions is having a display of fun foods for a late night snack prior to the bride and grooms farewell exit.  Everything from hot dog stations to taco bars have become excellent ideas to wind up a night of dancing and celebration. Most couples claim that the time will fly quickly and look to continue the party to the very last song. Adding late night social activity such as food stations or breakfast buffet will also slow the consumption of alcohol and relieve responsibility concerns.  Your caterer can offer these services in a creative display reflecting your personalities and preferences or you  can even choose local fast food delivered!