Monday, September 14, 2015

Cleveland Courthouse Wedding DJ

This Saturdays wedding was extra special to me. Taking place a the Cleveland Courthouse working with the caterers at A Taste of Excellence I met the bride Ari when she was just 3 years old. You see I was the head DJ and Promotion Director at the Cleveland Beach Club in the Flats. Ari's mom Myrna worked there too. She would bring Ari into the club during the day visiting to chat with then manager Scott. After all these years it is an honor and privilege to be chosen to entertain friends and acquaintances from so long ago. Ari & Zack had an amazing wedding at the Courthouse. There was lots of love in the room for the two and everyone packed the dance floor the whole night threw. See all the action on video on our Facebook page.


  1. This is an immaculate location for a party, wedding, or other special event. Incredible views and classy interior. I have been to a few parties here and they have been really well done. The reception halls in Atlanta were perfect for mingling. The courtyard was beautifully decorated as well.

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