Wednesday, April 22, 2015


Want to add a fun crowd interactive dimension to your wedding? See and relive all the funny cell-phone snapshots captured from your guests prospective before and during your next soiree. You and your friends will be amazed at all the cool candids (even selfies) others clicked during your bash. We've taken the idea of combining crowd involvement and instant photo enjoyment to a new level.

By now everyone has a mobile device with a camera and most are familiar with the ever so popular Instagram mobile app. So let's say we engage your guests into snapping all the uniquely fun photos they desire and uploading them to your personal predetermined hashtag for the event. Our service automatically gathers these photo journalistic gems and uploads them almost instantly to a pair of large flat screen monitors on each side of the dance floor or a projection screen in the hallway. We'll supply everything you'll need to make it a huge success. Your guests will not only get involved and enjoy seeing everyones shared photos during the event, they can also view them afterwards as we take care of the personalized hosting for you.

See the sample of the skala wedding below. Credit goes out to the Best Man Joe Oldsey and the groom Jason Skala for making it happen. Explore the possibilities by chatting with us today.