Thursday, January 3, 2013

Planning a Cleveland Wedding?

Insight on Cleveland wedding DJ entertainment:
Most couples who are planning a wedding reception share a common desire or goal. They want the wedding DJ to fill the dance floor from the beginning to the end and they want their guests to have fun. So let’s look into what makes a wedding reception such a unique set of circumstances.

First, most wedding receptions are frequented by a wide range on ages from grandparents to siblings, as well as friends, relatives and co-workers. Unless you are socially connected to these people on a weekly basis you really wouldn't be able to determine what would drive them to the dance floor. That’s the reason various genres of music should be chosen as well allowing the DJ to exercise their ability feel out the crowd and try various styles of dance music. This broad range approach to music programming from the very beginning of the dancing portion of the wedding reception will send the message to the audience that there will be something for everybody from the very start.

The second thing to keep in mind about wedding reception entertainment is that the DJ is limited to playing danceable music and that those selections are a qualified hit. That means it’s either popular at the moment, a recurrent hit, or a hit that stands the test of time. You have to determine if the request is dance music or just good listening music, if your ultimate goal is to drive guest to the dance floor.

A good wedding DJ will arrange music into sets. These sets will fit together in a way that not only seamlessly transitions from song to song but builds energy and excitement. A good Wedding DJ will be able to use various mixing techniques to smoothly blend in an out of dance music or change the genre of the music without losing the floor. A good wedding DJ will also be able to play requests by fitting them into a set at the best harmonic and sensible time within the music program.

Slow music is a very important tool used by wedding DJ’s as it will most likely ensure to get everyone, especially guys with their dates to participate.

What separated wedding DJ’s from one another is talent and experience. Talent in this case is having a musical vocabulary in their head that they can draw upon almost instantly. If your requests include Motown and you like “sugar pie, honey bunch (can’t help myself) you’ll probably like “build me up buttercup” as well. And if guests request Pitbull they probable like Flo Rida too.

Lastly, you should always leave room for your guests to make requests. The wedding DJ should have that "approachable personality" that makes guests feel welcome to stop by the DJ booth. A mix of the couples requests, request from the guests, and the wedding DJ's ability to “think on their feet” will ensure your wedding reception is a dance floor hit for you and your guests.

Cleveland Wedding DJs from Troy Entertainment keep the dance floor packed
photograph provided by Making The Moment Photography


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